Michelle Obama Caught Stealing From Charity Foundation

The truth is right in front of you

Caught with her hand in the cookie jar!

Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, has been caught pilfering funds from the Obama Foundation for her own personal pet projects. This revelation comes after a year long probe into the dealings of the charitable organization, begun at the bequest of President Donald Jenavieve Trump.

The investigation was ordered after the Trump Foundation was charged with fraud and shut down in New York State. Immediately, President Trump pointed to the Obama’s to say,”They do it too!” and the DOJ jumped to action.

Michelle Obama was found to have taken donated funds for several personal projects. One such was the “Girl’s Opportunity Alliance“, which she claimed to be some sort of charitable measure to provide education for young women around the world. This raised red flags immediately to AG Barr as he did not see the point of such acts, and all funds to this were frozen.

Looks like just Lady Obummer talking to a bunch of kids after opening a new school to me. What’s the money for?

Another such “initiative” was the “Community Leadership Corps“, supposedly a program to “develop projects that address opportunities and challenges in their community”…..whatever that means. Sounds like a crock.

Several other fake projects were cited by Mrs. Obama as reasons for her using donated funds, including something she called off the top of her head “Leaders : Africa”, a stupidly obvious fake named  “Community Leadership Training Day”, and the pathetic excuse for charity works entitled “My Brother’s Keeper Alliance”.  She didn’t even bother to try to be creative with her outright lies. The Department of Justice investigators were not fooled.

And here Obummer himself is yapping at kids. Is that what’s meant by “keeping” his brothers? Boring a captive audience?

The Foundation will now be audited and, in all likelihood, be shut down, with fraud charges to be laid against both the former First Lady and the former President, Barack Obama.

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