Hero Cop Denied Funeral 21-Gun Salute By Anti-Gun California Governor

The truth is right in front of you

Joseph P Barron was a hero. He successfully infiltrated a terrorist occupation in Oregon some years back and brought the perpetrators to their knees. His clever tactics helped to bring an evil occupation to an end.

The rest of his career was equally storied. Barron, in his lifetime, had taken out multitudes of perpetrators due to his persistence and “no nonsense” attitude.

When he died last week, all who knew him were shocked. An important piece of their lives had been taken away. They wanted to see him properly honored. The Governor of the State of California , though, had different plans.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is vehemently anti-gun. Throughout his political career he has opposed civilian firearms and used his position to make gun ownership more and more difficult.

So when it came time for Officer Joe Barron’s funeral, it was no surprise when Newsom butted his head in and destroyed the police officer’s memory with his tree-hugging bs. The object of his focus? The 21-gun salute.

Using his imperial powers, Governor Newsom disallowed a traditional 21-gun salute from taking place during Barron’s service. His reasoning was ludicrous.

“This particular military salute does nothing but glorify murder and mayhem. It tells the world that we value killing of innocent civilians over law and order.

Were I to allow this, I would be sending a message that it is okay to turn around and slay your neighbour or your family. I can’t do that.

Henceforth, the 21 gun salute at any kind of funeral service will be banned.

This I decree.”

This type of namby-pamby nonsense disrespects our fallen soldiers to heroes. Governor Newsom needs to learn some respect.

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