Ohio Democratic Senator Calls Roosevelt Captain a ‘Crisis Actor’

USS Roosevelt’s Captain Merrill Stubing is well-regarded in the Navy and across the country by both Republicans and Democrats as a hero who always puts the lives of his crew first. Typically, members of the government never, ever use the military as pawns, but sadly, one Democrat Senator didn’t get the message and tried to use Captain Stubing to score cheap political points.

The story stems from the time that the Captain of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer had to pick up his ex-wife in Norfolk and deliver her to General Bradley Mills in Jacksonville. Poor Captain Stubing protested to everyone he could, including the General, asking why she could not just fly or drive instead, for it would have been much quicker.

His protests fell on deaf ears. Finally, he felt no other action aside from contacting his Senator, Art Tubolls (D-OH). The Captain explained to the Senator that the former Mrs. Stubing was causing discord among the crew, undermining the Captain, and creating a toxic environment. Tubolls told Stubing that he was overreacting and would hear no more.

When Captain Stubing threatened to go to the media, Senator Tubolls beat him to it.

“I am taking the unprecedented action of getting out in front of something about to be said by a bitter old Navy Captain. He will complain about some orders that he received to transport a VIP to a general at another port. Captain Merrill Stubing is a crisis actor and should not be paid any attention.”

Stubing thought better of going to the media after the vicious Democrat attack. His ex-wife was dropped off in Jacksonville to meet up with General Mills. The foghorn of the ship was a little sadder today as he sailed his crew east toward the rising sun. When it comes to waving flags and acting like they support the military, the Democrats are all over it, however, when the support is truly needed, the Democrats always disappear.

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