Pelosi: ‘He’s The One To Deport. Trump Is Anti-American’

The truth is right in front of you

Nancy Pelosi went on a rapacious and ruinous ranting and raving rampage at the roundhouse in the rear of her rather repellant offices of the Speaker today, blasting the nationwide support that President Trump receives. She repeated Hillary Clinton’s label of “deplorable” and added some descriptors of her own:



“Rather disgusting!”

But it was the last that is fuelling the anger of the Trump faithful - “Anti-American”.

Pelosi is screaming to anyone that will listen that being supportive of our President is equal to hating America, an accusation she backed with a ridiculously, repetitive reply when asked how she could suggest such a thing:

“This….hahaha…..President. This man who calls himself a president, is radical and rabid. He’s not reliable, he  lacks resilience, and he’s ruthless. His recalcitrant rebellion is repelling our allies and most of our country.

He opposes the constitution, the law, human rights, and all decency. In essence, he opposes all of the values that America was built on.

So to support such a vile man who hates the work of our founders is also to hate America. These disgusting people are as anti-American as they come and I don’t want them in my country!

Like it or not, Nancy, these people are the future of America.

When we take back the White House, I plan to deport them all! Assimilate to the ideals of our forefathers or get out!”

Pelosi appears to have lost her mind. It is the invaders that need to assimilate not us true Americans. TRUMP VOTERS ARE AMERICA.

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