Trump Tells Patriots Living on Border to House Soldiers Fighting Illegals

President Donald Trump has done more than any other President in history to balance the budget and secure our borders.  In yet another on point press conference, he took another stand in the right direction, which is sure to infuriate the liberals once again.

Details are to be released shortly, but indications are that it will be made mandatory for the soldiers to be given 3 square meals a day full run of all property owned by these patriots.  Anyone refusing to comply will be punished by the full strength of William Barr’s Justice Department.

As told to Joe Barron,

“All soldiers shall be quartered in any house they want to be in without the consent of the owners.  Plus the owners shall feed them whatever they want and give them the wi-fi password.

Failure to comply with this order will result in public humiliation, stoning, full seizure of all assets, jail time, tar and feathering, and deportation to North Korea or a similar country.  There will be no court involvement.  Everyone who doesn’t comply will be immediately and automatically guilty.  This will serve many purposes, which include balance the budget and getting rid of all of the communist socialist leftist ANTIFA liberals.”

Constitutional scholars were aghast as the sheer disregard for the 3rd through 9th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America, at least they were until several of them began to disappear mysteriously.  Those remaining agree unanimously that the President’s Article 12 powers allow him to full authority to defend our borders and balance our budget any way he sees fit to do so.

Sleepy Joe Biden would never take decisive action like this.  That’s why we need to keep our Dear Leader and his Godly family in office forever!

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