Trump Signs Order of Protection for the Confederate Battle Flag

President Trump made a great move for America this morning by signing an order of protection for the Confederate Battle flag, making it a crime to desecrate it publicly. The White House said Trump made the move after “letters from concerned citizens” poured into the Oval Office.

According to Presidential sidekick, Steven Miller:

“All presidents have tangled with the notion of protecting the Confederate flag. It was the flag of half of our country for quite some time. The people who fought under it fought for their state’s rights. It’s about time we enshrine this great symbol of American Freedom.

The confederate flag is about heritage, not hate. remember, Lincoln was a Republican, so we’re actually lobbying for the other side here.”

Democrats always forget that it was the republicans that freed slaves and fought for equality and them Democrats railed against it. So…the Confederate flag is the flag of freedom and Democrats now want to take that away too, even though it was once their flag.

They just don’t seem to understand that in the complicated history of America, everything Democrats ever did was bad. Unless it was really good, and then you can be sure a Republican was responsible anyway.

According to the Department of Justice, anyone caught desecrating the Confederate flag, now an official symbol of America, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It’s about time we taught these liberals some respect.

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