Source: Joe Biden Will Reverse All Trump Pardons

Presidential abuse of power from an Obama disciple.

President Donald Trump has been a champion for truth, justice, and the American way ever since he was elected in 2016.

He has stood in the breach to keep the socialist-communist fascist ideals of the left from becoming the norm in the United States.

He has wisely and efficiently worked tirelessly to reverse all of the damage done to the country by the Obama administration and its mastermind Joe Biden.

As part of his duties, President Trump has issued several pardons to right the wrongs done by our justice system.

We’re talking about patriots who saw no need to allow rules and laws to dictate their actions when they lied to government officials, murdered foreign citizens, or took classified photos and used the ‘Hillary didn’t even get indicted for her e-mails’ defense.

These pardons have made Joe Biden furious.

“There’s a reason that these people were all locked up.  They went against President Obama’s administration.  We had to show them who’s boss.  To be honest, they are all lucky that they were only locked up.  If it was up to me, I would have restarted the firing squads to deal with these criminals.

Well, now it will be up to me.  I will use my Article 2 power of Executive Condemnation to reverse the pardons granted to these people by Donald Trump.  They’ll be an example of what happens when you cross Joe Biden.”

Rudy Giuliani is expected to hold a press conference at the Ritz…endcap on Aisle 7 at the Kroger on Poplar Avenue in Cordova, TN, where he is expected to announce new allegations of fraud that will attract the attention of dozens of people who are both bad at math and reality.

We have been lucky to have the steady hand of Donald Trump to lead America for the past 4 years.

We must fight with everything we have to ensure that we help America to reach its potential, despite Joe Biden.

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