Trump Authorizes Reparation Payments to Confederate Families ‘Unjustly Harmed by Northern Aggression’

People are always talking about reparations to the families of victims of history. Reparations for Native Americans. Reparations for slavery. Reparations for Jews. Reparations for the indentured servants of the Irish community.

Everyone seems to forget that thousands of families in battleground states across the country lost their homes and their livelihoods to northern aggression.

What about them? Many of those areas never really recovered and are still giant patches of nothing in the middle of an open field. The families either moved on or died when their land became a war zone.

All because some guy from up north wanted to “end slavery,” which really meant “wanted to infringe on my state’s rights to own people.”

Historians have pieced together the family lines from the time, and what they found was that most of them are sprawled out through the bible belt in manufactured homes and high-rise housing for the incontinent.

That’s the heart and soul of America right there. Trump knows it, so he’s giving those families a helping hand before he leaves office:

“Trump has decided to pay the Confederacy’s debt and reimburse every family that lost everything for one plantation mansion, 16 horses, and 3/5ths of up to a dozen people.

“It’s the right thing to do.”

The move is being decried as “racist” by the left, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The people the North stole from those families will finally have a value attached to them. Trump loves his minorities.

If you have an original Civil War Confederate flag, uniform, or weapon and can prove it belongs in your family, you may qualify for reparations.

Your next step is to have your DNA tested. If you come back as closely related to your spouse or your sister turns out to be your mother, you’re automatically approved.

This, liberals. This is why we love him. God Bless America.

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