Federal Judge Says Trump Can Nullify The Electoral College By Executive Order

A federal judge has opened a new path to victory for President Trump. According to what he calls an “uncommon precedent,” Trump can declare the Electoral College vote null and void by a simple executive order.

The judge, who may or may not have actually researched the precedent, or what “precedent” means, says that Trump’s presidential authority is absolute, and that he can basically circumvent the 2020 elections as well as all that come after it:

“All he has to do is sign an executive order of martial Law for the foresseable future and suspend the government as we know it. He would then be in control of not only the White House, but also Congress and the Supreme Court.

“His power would be limitless and secure until he’s ready to step down.”

Some say the move might be a little bit dangerous for democracy, since Trump would be appointing himself dictator — presumably for life — while others are excited about the thought of the Democrats finally being gone once and for all.

Jim Newsome, a guy from French Lick, Indiana, says he hopes and prays this is true:

“Just imagine an America where you don’t need to worry about no elections or power to the people. We can let Trump fix everything and build the police and military so we don’t have to worry ever again.

“It sounds like paradise to me.”

Hillbillies and rural rednecks across America have been lobbying for this kind of thing for the past four years, and now it seems a retired judge from Australia who’s facing sexual harassment charges will finally clear the way.

America truly will be great again, patriots, and it will stay that way until Trump says otherwise.

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