KC Chiefs Will Kneel at White House During National Anthem

The Kansas City Chiefs represented the “never quit” attitude of the State of Kansas during the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers, coming back from a large 4th quarter deficit to win the league’s coveted championship trophy for a second time.

As is customary, the team was invited to celebrate their win at the White House with President Donald Trump.  Unfortunately, it looks like a penalty flag will be thrown against the team, as they have all reportedly decided to kneel during the playing of the National Anthem.

Team General Manager Joe Barron said that the entire team laughed when they learned they’d be invited to the White House, saying that they were talking about shaking the President’s hand and extending our great President the respect that he deserves and couldn’t hold up the act anymore.

Team spokesperson and backup quarterback Jim Pitt said,

“Yeah, we’ll treat him with the respect he deserves.  He’ll be lucky if we even look at him, let alone acknowledge his presence.  And when they start playing the National Anthem, we’re taking a knee.  Every last one of us.  They’ll say that we’re protesting the military even though we do a lot for them and respect the hell out of them.  All we’re protesting is this fraud of a president.  He wants us to kiss his ring?  Well guess what?  Cadet Bone Spurs never got one like this bling right here!”

These traitors clearly don’t appreciate the opportunity they’ve been given to play a kid’s game for millions of dollars.  The real heroes are our military, police, and Donald Trump for making America great again.  Support America and boycott the NFL until they are forced to stand for the National Anthem.  It’s what the founding fathers would want.

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