Trump Reverses The Last Remaining Obama Executive Order - And His Legacy

Trump gave himself — and our country — the greatest gift imaginable for Christmas. He reversed the last Executive Order signed by Barack Obama that was still in effect. That makes 8,093 Executive Orders repealed or replaced since Trump took office in 2017.

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Art Tubolls, explained the process and why it took so long:

“There were nearly 9000 Obama Executive Orders. Each one had to be analyzed to see if there was any validity to it at all.

“Some, for example, were run-of-the-mill orders every President issues and others were blatant misuses of power. The orders that made sense were simply canmceled and re-written in a more Trump-friendly language.

“In the end, the objective wasn’t to undo all of the orders, it was to remove Obama’s name from the history books. That’s what a real president does. He identifies hatred in our country and roots it out one executive order at a time.”

What we’re left with is a country that is running smoother than ever and a giant hole where Obama used to be. It’s a hole nobody seems to be noticing.

Trump admits that this endeavor is probably a little bit too time-consuming, since it’s taken nearly 5 hours per day every he wasn’t golfing to complete the task. Now, however, we can have a country that stands proudly behind all its laws, even the ones originally delivered by a tyrant.

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