California Legislature Removes Christmas From All State Calendars and Events

Christmas is officially dead in the state of communist California. The state legislature has deemed that any reference to Christmas on any state calendar is “unconstitutional.”

What exactly does that mean? Here is a list of things that will be affected by this new War on Christmas:

  • State calendars will no longer show Christmas as a holiday.
  • Children will no longer be able to say Merry Christmas in the classroom or draw anything related to Jesus.
  • Teachers who mention Christmas will be arrested, fined, and possibly imprisoned for “indoctrinating” children.
  • Stores that sell Christmas-related goods will no longer be considered for state contracts.
  • State workers can take Christmas Day off but they won’t be paid.
  • Hospitals, bars, and nightclubs are required to stay open on December 25th.

If that all sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is. Only in California will you find laws that go against the interests of the public.

One brave group, The California United Citizens of Kiwanis, has filed a motion in federal court to make Christmas a holiday again. The group’s spokesman, Art Tubolls, says true Americans are simply fed up:

“We’re tired of driving down streets that were once adorned with beautiful lights and wreaths dark and dismal. You walk into malls and stores and it’s like Christmas never existed at all. The assault on our faith and our traditions has gone too far.”

If you live in rural America, you may still be able to celebrate how you see fit, but those big liberal cities are turning into cold, anti-Jesus dungeons of hate. It’s best to just avoid them.


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