Special Interest Groups Want To Change New Year’s Day From Jan 1

The truth is right in front of you

Our President Trump is here to protect the American way of life, with all of its wonderful and meaningful traditions and customs. That’s what we elected him for and he is not disappointing us.

After first snatching victory away from Obama and company in the War on Christmas, he has more recently saved America from devastation in the previously unknown ‘War on Thanksgiving.’ And now President Trump has set his sights on another enemy that only he had the keen vision to see: those who are relentlessly firing at America in the War on New Year’s Day. And Eve.

Joe Barron, a guest at the White House Christmas Dinner, recorded the ominous warning of a new enemy that the President shared as he said grace:

“They want to change our New Year. Did you know this? It’s true. They have their own special calendars that have different dates for events and they celebrate a different new year. So they want to make a different date in a whole different month for our New Year’s Day. And Eve.


It’s wonderful to have someone in the White House who will stand up for America against special interest groups. We have lacked this for too long. Finally, America is winning again. There is absolutely no doubt that theq celebration of our New Year’s Day - and Eve - will remain for as long as Trump is alive.

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