Hillary Clinton Was In This Dangerous Radical Cult In The 60’s

The truth is right in front of you

The question of how Hillary Clinton came by her extreme social and political views has been raised in the past. After all, she was raised in a strict, conservative household by parents Ezekiel and Willamena Rodham, both of whom were widely known in their Arkansas community to have held the very values that traditional conservatives hold today. Ezekiel was a fundamentalist preacher and strong opponent of liberalism. Willamena was a housewife who instilled in her daughter lessons from God daily. It seems so unlikely that these two model Americans could raise one who would become one of the world’s greatest evils.

But an explanation for this transformation may have been found. A photograph has been unearthed that reveals Hillary in attendance at a sermon of 60’s ‘Garam Masala’ cult leader, Guru Jodesh B’Ar Ronnivad Singh. Garam Masala, you may recall was the group responsible for several acts of terror in California all those years ago. They unapologetically lit up several eateries in the Golden State that they described as “examples of bland Americanism” that “needed to experience Garam’s fire.” G Masala spoke of love and kindness, but their actions showed only violence to bodies and an unrelenting hatred for the American way of life. Eventually, as authorities began to close in on Ronnivad, the temple and all its adherents moved to the south of India where they exist, with significantly fewer numbers, to this day.

The guru was known to insist on active participation by all members of his church in outings, so it’s not a stretch to think that Mrs. Clinton may have been involved with “spreading the word of Garam Masala”, as Ronnivad put it, in one of the hundreds of attacks the group claimed responsibility for in their short 2 year residence in America.

Mr and Mrs Rodham must have been so ashamed of what their daughter had become. Were they alive today, they’d be more devastated still. A hippie cult ruined their perfect child and took her from their lives.

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