Pelosi’s Scrooge Husband Cancelled His Employee’s Christmas Bonus Checks

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats hate Christmas. That’s why their War on the holiday is so relentless and, oftentimes, vicious. They hate the inherent goodness of it and, of course, the religion from which it stems.

Lately they have been seen to express this loathing though violence, the most infamous attacks coming from the children of sitting Democrat politicians. But their resentment also comes in other forms. Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Gerald, expressed his resentment at other peoples joy by ruining their Christmas financially.

Gerald Pelosi, who owns a multi-million dollar investment firm , thrilled his staff with sizeable bonus checks for the Christmas season, but when his staff tried to deposit those checks, each and every one was rejected for insufficient funds. Pelosi Investments has no shortage of wealth. For this to happen would have to be deliberate - the act of a Christmas-hating Scrooge.

Satya Martin, representing Public Relations for the firm, gave us her feelings on the matter:

“Gerald Pelosi is a piece of sh*t. What kind of person does this? I was supposed to travel to see my family today and now I can’t. He’s ruined Christmas. I should’ve gone to work for Nancy Pelosi’s husband instead of this cheap knock off firm using his name.”

Democrats are not satisfied with having a miserable holiday season themselves. They want to ruin it for everybody. It’s despicable.

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