Trump Laid the Smackdown on Creepy Joe Biden So Hard it Made Him Cry

Few people know about the real Donald Trump on social media. He plays the game better than anyone. His tweets and posts and speeches and writings are mostly an incoherent mess — and that’s on purpose.

Donald Trump wants people to think he’s stupid. He thrives on it. Because when the time comes to do battle, people come at him unprepared, expecting to find some buffoon who can’t help but say “oranges” three times in a single interview.

President Trump took to one of his Facebook pages recently and just shredded Joe Biden for being a creepy old white guy who touches women inappropriately:

Hahahaha. He’s such a kidder with the funny writing and stuff. The Democrats, of course, have a theory that this is what he really looks and sounds like and that First Lady Ivanka Trump keeps him looking smart. Considering they couldn’t even get Ivanka’s title right, there goes that theory.

Trump also reminded Big Bad Biden that he isn’t afraid of him:

Oh man…what a classic. The President went on to berate Biden’s dead son and said his wife was a “sweet piece” before finally letting off. Finally, we have a President not afraid to show how ruthless our power can be. Thank you, Donnie.

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