Omar to Trump: ‘You are a fool ‘I Challenge You To A Battle of Wits’

The truth is right in front of you

Ilhan Omar has issued a challenge to the President. She wants to pit her brain against his in a one-on-one test of knowledge of American history and government.

Omar threw down the gauntlet after hearing what she perceived to be a personal attack on her from President Trump where he suggested she “go back to where she came from”. She saw this as racist when, in fact, it was merely an exuberant suggestion that her intelligence could be put to great use in assisting those in need in Somalia build a better future…it was a compliment.

But, being a democrat, Omar was quick to cry “racism” and has stuck to her guns with the accusation. You know what truly intelligent people do, Omar? They admit when they’re wrong. It’s how we grow.

What she has proposed is a game show set-up - nationally televised - where the two would face off on the topics in trivia question form.

And the stakes? Very steep. Not just bragging rights. No, the Representative from Minnesota wants the loser to retire from politics- immediately and permanently.

President Trump answered the call with this statement:

“She wants to challenge me? That’s funny! I’d mop the floor with her.  I’m as smart as they come. Nobody knows America more than me!

That said, it sounds fun but I’ll pass. Ilhan Omar will cheat. We all know it. She’s a Democrat. That’s what they do.”

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