Supreme Court : ‘If Senate Acquits, Impeachment Will Be Expunged’


With the final bang of a Supreme gavel, the entire witch hunt of an impeachment and a trial signalled that President Trump’s troubles with the Dastardly Dems will soon be over.  In a special session this afternoon, the highest court in the land convened, and Justice Roberts spoke the words that will clean the President’s legacy once and for all and send liberals crying home to their mommies:

“In accordance with Article 4, section 7, parts 3 and 4, should the Senate refuse to charge the accused with any crime and refuse to prosecute, the impeachment will become completely null and void and shall thereby be expunged from all records.  What this means is that claiming that President Trump was ‘impeached’ from that moment forward will not only be a seditious lie, but will be punishable by arrest subject to fine and/or imprisonment for up to 2 years.  Mr. Trump will truly be free to go.”

“Now would anyone like to hear about the time I boofed a cheerleader in an Applebees bathroom?”

Although many in liberal circles seem to take great pleasure in bragging that Congress has “already impeached” President Trump because he’s a complete abject failure as well as a criminal shyster and that he will go through history with an asterisk next to his name for all of time as an impeached and shamed President, it looks like they’re about to be served up a nice big platter of their own words to eat.  Hope they have some of Hillary Clinton’s hot sauce to wash it down with.

Mrs. Clinton’s preferred brand.

Well, it looks like the looney left will have maybe a week to brush up on their Constitutional legal skills if they want to keep pretending they’ve won something.  Maybe they can find some kind of Harvard educated elite scholor to help them.  I can think of one that might, but his name escapes me right now.

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