Hillary Clinton Offers Iran $40 Million To “Help With Their Trump Problem’

Hillary Clinton isn’t just a traitor to America, she’s a war criminal. According to sources at the State Department who may or may not have complete information on the situation, Hillary Clinton has been working with Iranian intelligence agents she met when she was involved with the CIA and MI-6.

Those sources are claiming that Clinton has gone completely over the edge and is now — in essence — an Iranian asset:

“From what we’re hearing, Hillary has jumped the terrorism shark. Her hatred for Trump and her jealousy over losing the election have turned into something so ugle, she’s willing to give up her life as she knows it and her reputation just to get revenge.”

The source says that Clinton is under investigation after an intercepted phone call between her and Iran’s Director of Trump Relations in which she offered to personally send them $40 million to “help with their Trump problem.” Those close to Clinton say she’s most likely looking to get some recognition for Trump’s assassination by paying half of the $80 million bounty on his head.

The mainstream media is refusing to report on the issue, saying there “isn’t enough evidence” that Clinton has actually done anything wrong. So when the President is attacked by Clinton’s assassins, they’ll have to explain why they didn’t warn the public.

The DOJ says there is no official investigation, since the rumors are more speculation than fact, but that they do have their eyes and ears open in case they need to jump in and find the link to her if anything happens to Trump:

“None of this makes much sense, but it is the Clintons we’re talking about. They’re capable of just about anything, and it looks like Hillary may have lost her mind on this one.”

The White House isn’t commenting. President Trump’s security detail has been upped in recent days to include 12 more agents, 3 more vehicles, and 4 more high-tech golf carts. Stay safe, Mr. President!

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