Study: Liberals Share The Most Fake News On Facebook

The truth is right in front of you

A new study from the Idaho Pommedeterres Institute has confirmed what we all already knew - the large majority of fake news that is shared and spread on social media platforms is done so by socialists and liberals.

The study was conducted with a sample group of a couple dozen people who identified as “liberal”. They volunteered their Facebook timelines for open scrutiny by the study’s personnel to look for the ratio of fake vs legitimate news stories posted there. The results were shocking.

Each and every one of them had several satire postings on their timelines. These were stories that masqueraded as news articles but had clear disclaimers plastered all over the websites from which they came. “America’s Last Line of Defense” is a prime example of such a fraudulent site.

The subjects claimed to be well aware of the satirical nature of the stories but gave no clear indication of such with the posts they shared. There were no personal notes attached saying anything like “Satire Alert” or “This is fake people”.  Instead, all that was seen was perhaps a couple of laughing emojis, which could mean anything.

Pommedeterre’s researchers dismissed several other studies with opposite findings. Those concluded that most fake stories were shared by conservative boomers. Pommedeterre revealed that those previous studies lacked diverse enough test subjects to elicit sound results. Those studies were, in fact, fake news.

The study seems to imply that Russian election meddling had no effect on the 2016 presidential result as it was only Hillary voters that were believing fake news about Trump, not the other way around. Perhaps now that whole hullabaloo can be put to rest.

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