Crowd at Kamala Harris Rally Chants : ‘Impeach Racist Trump’


Yesterday, Oakland California was host to a rally for Presidential candidate Kamala Harris at MacAuthur Park.  Thousands of supporters arrived by car, on foot, and by public transit to overflow the area with enthusiasm, brightly colored signs and banners, and pan after pan of freshly-baked frittatas, symbolic of the popular “Frittatas for Kamala” movement.  But after a fiery speech that turned to condemning President Trump for his minor misdeeds such as imprisoning children in cages until they die, committing nearly a dozen acts of obstruction against the American justice system, and lying on a daily basis to the public, the juiced-up audience took what some people say was a step too far : they began chanting : “Impeach racist Trump!  Impeach Racist Trump!”

“If Trump was racist, would he have hired me to run some shitty agency where I’m hidden away and never spoken to?”

Harris, instead of acting responsibly and halting the insulting banter, actually joined in, raising her fist in a “Black Panther”-like salute with her mainly Democratic army of thugs and snowflakes.  Is this the kind of behavior we’ve come to accept from our political stage?  Fox News contributor and former candidate for Governor of Virginia who tried to ban blowjobs (Look it up) Ken Cuccinelli, spoke about the rally on Fox’s “Senior Moment” program with Geraldo Rivera :

“It’s really just childish behavior, and it’s disrespectful to our President.  Did President Trump tweet out some racist remarks about a few members of Congress?  Sure.  Did he have his own rally where his mentally restricted supporters chanted to have an American citizen deported because of her ethnicity?  Sure.  Did he do nothing to stop them?  Sure.  But that doesn’t make him quoute unquote ‘racist’.  It makes you racist.  You, Geraldo, I’m talking to you.  You’re a racist.  Not me.  Not Trump.  You and Kamala Harris.  Me?  I just want to go back to trying to ban blowjobs.  Look that up.  That was my plan.  Racist.”

“I mean blowjobs. Do we really NEED them? How many men miss a really great touchdown on T.V. because of them?”

Harris is one of the Democratic frontrunners for the 2020 election, polling closely with a socialist Indian squaw and a grandpa who is hugely exciting to hundreds of knitting circles. As November grows ever closer, the rhetoric is sure to get even hotter.  Other similar incidents include the only attendee at a Mike Hickenlooper rally drowning out the candidate’s speech by loudly eating Andy Capp’s Hot Fries, and a Marianne Williamson “Astral Town Hall” where three women were hospitalized for Henna tattoo ink-poisoning.

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