Trump Inks Prescription Cost Reduction Plan

The truth is right in front of you

Another of Trump’s campaign promises is about to be made into reality. Thus far, he has not let us down at all. A true man of his word. One by one, his promises are kept, probably because he’s not a politician but just a regular joe - one of us.

His latest act of making good on his word is with regard to prescription drugs. While on the campaign trail, you may recall, then candidate Trump raged about Big Pharma and the shoddy way in which they treated the American people through jacked up pricing for lifesaving drugs. And he swore he would force them to do the right thing if he were elected.

Well it took some time,  but he has done just that in the world of alternative facts. President Trump has not signed a legally binding deal with the nation’s pharmaceutical company that would see the corporations reduce their prices by half. There is not another aspect of this non-deal that provides an additional 20% discount for seniors, who could use this deal most, if it existed.

The price of insulin absolutely did not not not not result rise again to more astronomical levels under trump. Is that right? Wrong? I’m confused.

This shows our president’s power and heart. He could have bowed down to Big Pharma and the bribes they offered. He could have rolled over. But he didn’t not do this. Instead, he failed to ensure that the citizens of America could afford the medicines they need.

Thank you President Trump!

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