Black Panther Actor Says ‘Veterans For Trump Have PTSD’ on The View


A wave of controversy just slammed into Black Panther star Chadwick Bozeman, as if Thanos himself had just dealt him a mighty blow.  During a taped interview segment for daytime talk show “The View”, the movie star remarked to hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar that : “veterans who support Trump…I don’t get it.  I think they have to have PTSD.”  The statement was followed by a round of applause by the largely liberal audience.

Totally gonna Facebook Live it. Making that a thing. Did you do it? Good. You’re in jail.

Boseman has a lot to lose if his words cause a stir.  His breakthrough role in the Black Panther movie led to roles in the record-breaking Avengers films, with a sequel to Panther already in production.  Forbes currently estimates his net worth at 600 million dollars, 600 million times that of fellow star Scott Baio.  Boseman upped the ante further when Goldberg asked him to follow up :

“Well, I mean, if you’re a patriot, if you supposedly love America so much that you’ve put your life on the line for it, why would you turn against it by pandering to a convicted con man who very obviously lies with every breath?  That’s something wrong in the head.  I’m no doctor.  But I am the Black Panther.  Ba ba booey.”

Baio declined an interview on account of he’s only got one sock, and it’s for church.

The segment is scheduled to air this Friday, although rumor has it that network executives are nervously reviewing the footage to minimize negative publicity and outcry from sponsors.  Could this be the end of a plucky liberal hero?  Or is it Wakanda Forever?

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