Busted: Obama Spotted at NY Gay Bar

The truth is right in front of you

There can be no doubt anymore. It has long been rumored that Barack Obama led a secret big gay life. After all, he’s pretty effeminate and he’s married to a man. It’s obvious. We’ve even heard from one of his former lovers, who told the world of their torrid homosexual affair. Yet through all of this overwhelming evidence of his sexuality, Obama always denied it. He angrily claimed to be straight at every turn. Actually, he didn’t. He wouldn’t even dignify the accusations with a defense. “Only Presidents with something to hide freak out about every accusation levelled at them,” said his aides.

But now we have photographic evidence.

Last weekend, Barack Obama was spotted at “Boyville”, a popular gay bar in New York City, dancing and cavorting with half naked hunks all night long.

He didn’t even try to disguise himself. It seems that now that he’s no longer in office, he has decided to come out and live his perverse lifestyle more openly.

The bar’s proprietor gave us the scoop:

“Barry has been coming here for years. But he wanted it to be private. Our patrons respected that. Nobody said a word. In exchange, Obama gave us gay marriage. Why would we give him up when he gave us our rights?”

Your secret is our now, Obama. Next up - proof of your Kenyan birth.

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