CMT to Renew Award Winning ‘COPS’

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do?

The television show “COPS’ was a fixture in living rooms for 31 years.  Viewers were able to virtually tag along with our heroes in blue every week, learning about how our policemen and women go about honorably protecting us all.

They even had some “COPS - Too Hot for TV” videos for the after-dark viewers who wanted to see some criminal skin.

It was just about the greatest show that there ever was. It seemed like it was going to be on forever. It was meant to go on forever but it was not to be.

Liberals complained to the networks in droves, and like spineless networks that are run by similar liberals do when faced with whining snowflakes, they caved and canceled our show. But all is not lost.

In our hour of need to lick the boots of our police forces across the country, Country Music Television has announced that they will renew the show for another season. It is safe to say that since they have a strict “No Liberals” hiring policy that the show will last forever.

CMT President and Chief Bootlicker explained,

“Boy howdy, I cain’t believe that show got doned like that. We at CMT know that Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter and that all cops are good cops and we want to bring that home to the American people. We signed up to do it for one season because of hard stuff to figure out in the contract but we plan on keeping the show on forever and ever amen.”

Going against the leftists is a courageous decision and we wish our heroes at CMT and all of our boys in blue all the best.

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