Trump Files Suit To Have Electoral College Vote Set Aside

President Trump is determined to have his voice heard by the highest court in the land.

He has filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court to bring a case to set aside the Electoral College’s vote, along with a request to try the case himself.

According to court documents that may or may not be publicly available, President Trump is asking for “Immediate relief and injunction under Article 2 Section 41, sub-section 56 of US Title 3 Code.”

Our legal analysts are working through exactly what that means, but it certainly sounds important and relevant to us.

The brief itself lists the election itself as the defendant and the Trump campaign as the plaintiff, which is advice given to Trump by Justice Kavanaugh just after they had dinner and boofed some Adderal together.

Trump’s reasoning behind the suit is clarified on page one of the brief:

“I am respectfully asking the honorable Justices of the Supreme Court to set aside the vote, because I find it unfair and I really don’t like it. I would like all votes against me set aside, because those people obviously don’t know what’s best for their country. Many people have said to me, ‘sir, why don’t you just declare yourself Emperor like the people want and move on?’ and I tell them all the same thing. I want this to be done right, through the courts, and I put three of you here, so let’s not forget that.”

It’s a compelling argument the court will need to sort through. Trump is certainly the most powerful person ever in America. Maybe we should just let him keep being president so he doesn’t go all supervillain and destroy the world.

The kind of intelligence the gifted enjoy and the insane lament is what we’re dealing with here, folks. It may be time to just get out of his way, grab a Big Mac, and enjoy the ride.

Maybe Europe will come save us in a few years.

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