Air Force One Grounded After Terrorist Threat Received

The truth is right in front of you

Secret Service Agents reportedly intercepted a terrorist threat sent through White House mail last weekend. They received a package containing nothing more than a single photograph containing a shocking image.

The photograph showed Air Force One, the President’s plane, and inserted on its shell was a blood red crescent moon and star, the enduring symbols of Islamia. It wasn’t a real picture. No graffiti was found on the side of the aircraft. That was not what had alarm bells ringing. Rather, it was what the symbol suggested - that Air Force One had been targeted in a terrorist threat, most likely tampered with.

This didn’t seem likely, of course. The presidential jet is under vigilant military watch and security 24 hours a day. Nobody but authorized personnel who have passed stringent security checks are allowed anywhere near the plane whether it is in the air or idle at the  Henry Air Force base. But caution had to be taken. All threats against the president are taken seriously enough to launch investigation so the president’s sky office was grounded until thorough safety checks could be completed. Fortunately, nothing nefarious was found.

Such scares are unfortunately not uncommon during the Trump Presidency. This president and his family have received more death threats than any other president in history…..and he’s only 3 years into his first term. Being the strong leader he is, Trump simply shrugs them off and battles onward, doing all he can to help the American people. Thank dog for President Trump.

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