Donald Trump to Announce Formation of New Political Party

For the past several years, the Republicans and Democrats have come at Donald Trump with everything they had.

Each attempt to sabotage Trump’s efforts to make America great again failed, often with embarrassing repercussions to the losers who tried to take him down.

It has seemed like Donald Trump has had unlimited patience, with his efforts to always reach out across the aisle to the Democrats to work for the American people, especially in times of great hardship for the average American.

But even this great man has his limits.

According to his mid-shift pressman Joe Barron, Donald Trump will form a new political party, the MAGA Party.

“The MAGA Party is for the disenfranchised Americans who feel like they were left behind by the Republicans and Democrats.  They know that the only person looking out for them is Donald Trump.  The only person speaking to them is Donald Trump.  The only person who has never lied to them is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s supporters are no strangers to loving America.  They know the rules and so does Trump.  A full commitment is what Donald Trump is thinking of.  They won’t get that from any other guy.  They know that he’ll never give them up, let them down, he’ll never run around and desert them.  He’ll never make them cry, never say goodbye, tell them lies, or hurt them.”

The billions of dollars that have been donated to the Trump campaign are sowing the seeds of the new party.

Donald Trump has pledged to not use any of the money for his own personal gain.

His loyal supporters’ hearts have been aching but they’ve been too shy to say that the two-party system of America is a failure.

They now have a voice, a patriotic voice who will always be loyal to them and the parts of America that still support him for some reason…Donald Trump.

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