Pelosi: ‘No One Who Supported the Texas Lawsuit Will Be Sworn In’

The truth is right in front of you

Several lawsuits have been filed to try to keep Donald Trump as President of the United States of America despite his overwhelming defeat in both the popular vote and the Electoral College.

Over 120 Republican Congressmen have backed the latest farce of a lawsuit that was thrown out by the Supreme Court that was filed by the State of Texas, who is crying because their guy lost.

All of these efforts to subvert the will of the people have not gone unnoticed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

There’s uncomfortable tension as Andy and Debbie discuss their upcoming appearance on The Dating Game.

Trish Blake from the America’s Last Line of Defense network caught up with the Speaker at Phurmphy’s Bar and Grill.

“These Republican Representatives have no idea who they are messing with.  The elections were free and fair and anyone who thinks otherwise is probably still trying to figure out who the dish ran away with and who is actually buried in Grant’s tomb.

This is a scary time.  These people always claim to be looking out for the will of the people.  If they truly meant that then they would recognize that the people have spoken and they should put forth a better candidate next time.

I believe in the intelligence of the American people.  If there was any fraud in this election, maybe we should look at the 73 million votes that Trump received.  There’s no way that many people said, ‘4 more years of this?  Sign me up!’

Anyway, I’m in charge of swearing everyone in.  Bottom line is that no one who supported the Texas lawsuit will be sworn in.  Those people are enemies of democracy, pure and simple.”

Refusing to swear these Representatives in for their next terms in completely within the power that the Speaker holds.

This power-mad Democrat will stop at nothing to stick it to the American people every chance she gets.

With her pushing for COVID relief and fighting for a stimulus package that is meaningful to the average American citizen, all the while the entire Republican Party is out there fighting for the only thing that matters to them — their emperor god that is soon to be a footnote in history instead of for their constituents.

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