Trump Bans CNN and MSNBC From Pandemic Briefings

President Trump has banned CNN and MSNBC, both well-known leftist propaganda outlets, from attending his daily briefings on the Coronavirus pandemic. He told reporters from The Daily Caller and Breitbart that he respects that he “wasn’t putting up with any more of their nonsense.”

According to sources close to Trump, the incident with Peter Alexander was the last straw:

“When that reporter asked Trump what he would say to Americans who were scared, a line was crossed. The American people don’t look to trump for comforting words or harsh truths, they look to him to hear the things they want to hear. Things like how the economy is fine and how we don’t need all those ventilators.

“President Trump isn’t Obama. He’s not gonna stand there and take questions just to make the public feel better. He’s gonna take questions that make his supporters feel better, because they’re the ones who really matter.”

That makes perfect sense. And even though Peter Alexander isn’t from CNN or MSNBC, it only makes sense that they would be barred from participating, since they hardly ever report good news about Trump.

What would you do if someone was constantly pointing out your mistakes and lack of ability to tell the truth? Would you keep inviting them in to give people some alternate version of the story you’re spinning? The answer is easy: Absolutely not. We shouldn’t require Trump to, either. It’s his White House and his country. He can do with it what he pleases.

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