‘Legal Consult Fees’ Pay Pelosi $21 Million Each Day of Impeachment


If you’re wondering why the Congressional Democrat’s farcical impeachment play continues to ramble on even though it’s clearly going nowhere except building a valid case of the crimes committed by President Trump, here’s a quick lesson about what’s known as : “fictional economics” - Nancy Pelosi is making 28 million dollars a day by collecting legal consulting fees for the impeachment process.  I know I said 21 million in the headline, but it just changed because of climate change or something.

“I’ve had six of my internal organs replaced my windmills so far. You gotta love mother earth, people.”

The fees are paid to Pelosi to compensate her for her time as the acting Judicial Operations Envoy Bearing Assistance Regarding Removal Of Nimrods, or : J.O.E.B.A.R.R.O.N.  Pelosi has already made more money from the process than George Soros has donated to Antifa to paint dicks all over Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house.

And just like that, now he’s pro Roe v Wade.

The money for these payments comes from a special fund drawing from a combination of Social Security funding, wall-construction donations, and the AARP.  Pelosi has mentioned the need for a third tennis court in her San Francisco mansion, and friends of the speaker confided that she’s also been in the market for a full-sized fully-operational Iron Giant robot for her grandchildren to play with when they come over for vodka cupcakes.

No matter what nonsense you may be gullible enough to believe, this impeachment is happening, and when Republicans ask one question and then use the rest of their time to whine and drop Fox News talking points, they’re just going to bury themselves further when their Donkey Kong falls off his building.  And Nancy Pelosi will still be there with her giant mallet.

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