Democrats Made ‘Safe Passage Zones for Illegals’ Part of the Stimulus Package

The country’s economy has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. One could only imagine how bad it would be if Hillary Clinton was in office instead of our beloved President Donald Trump. The President pushed very hard to get the stimulus package done and it has finally passed with bipartisan support and no shenanigans from the Democrats…or so he thought.

The 1400 page bill was crafted by the Republicans, with Trump’s support, in such a way that neither he nor his businesses will benefit. He has ensured that a healthy stipend will go to most Americans, that new sick pay now exists to benefit most Americans, and that they can do the right thing to slow the spread of this terrible disease.

The Democrats saw it as a perfect opportunity to take care of everyone but Americans. Joe Barron, spokesperson for the Democrat majority says:

“They have opened up three major corridors from Mexico to Canada as safe passage zones, where illegal aliens will be able to safely travel to Canada and will have full diplomatic immunity, making them exempt from all Federal, State, and local laws.”

A copy of the bill was received and reviewed by our investigative staff and revealed that Interstates 5, 10, 12, 15, 19, 35, and 95 will fall into these zones, plus a 12 mile zone around each of these highways, where they will be able do and take whatever the want. There was no time limit written into the bill, meaning they can be in the country for as long as they want legally and not subject to any laws.

Even in times of crisis where many senior citizens are lining up to go out in public and die for our economy, the Democrats are always plotting against our President and our citizens. It is good for us that the Republicans are looking out for the common man, the economy, and keeping America great!

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