Van Full of Illegals Caught Red-Handed At Multiple Voting Locations

The scammers on the left have shown us once again that all you need in this country to be a Democrat is enough warm bodies to show up and vote.

While they stumble around, declaring elections “secure” and certifying votes from God knows who, stories like these are all over the newsfeed, driving patriotic Trump supporters mad.

The van full of illegals was spotted voting in several locations. Apparently, they just go into a polling place, say a random last name, confuse the poll worker with their fancy Spanishin’, and get themselves a ballot.

This van had approximately 14 people in it, but how many vans were there? How many times did the 14 people vote?

Authorities say they first spotted the van in 2016 cruising polling places to try to steal the election for Hillary Clinton. Since then, it’s made an appearance in or around every election in at least a half dozen clearly labeled satire articles.

In November of 2016, Snopes declared the van full of illegals “false,” which brings into question what we know about all things.

Was it false? Is the guy from Snopes really a deranged loser with a stripper girlfriend and a cat with a cocaine problem?

Sadly, we may never know. What we do know is that the van is still full of illegals and that no many times we try, 14 votes, even if they managed to pull it off 6 times, isn’t “widespread fraud,” especially considering the story is as false as a Rudy Giuliani legal brief.

Maybe ICE can get to the bottom of it God bless our men and women in law enforcement.

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