Rupaul To Star in New ‘Dick Van Dyke Show’


It seems to be television’s hottest new trend - updating classic programs with new diverse and exciting casts.  Well this announcement threw off more than a few trend-setters, indeed.  According to a press release from Universal Productions this weekend, filming has commenced on a new version of the beloved “Dick Van Dyke” show, carrying the same name, but starring pop culture icon and drag queen extraordinaire Rupaul in the title role.

Mike Pence is harder than Chinese arithmetic just thinking about it.

In this updated take on the series, Dick and his lesbian roommate Rosemarie live a blissfull life as best friends working together in a homosexually-themed bakery.  The slapstick capers and merriment carries on as the pair encounter bigoted conservative characters, a host of wacky guest stars (Including comedian Kathy Griffin in the premiere episode), and dysfunctional family situations.  Van Dyke himself agreed to sell his name for the show, but has thus far declined invitations to cameo.

Ryan Seacrest has agreed to guest star as an animated poodle who has had a long-standing sexual yearning for Dick.

Executives are eager and excited to see if this newest incarnation of Boomer entertainment will make as huge a hit as did the Whoopi Goldberg vehicle “I Love Lucy”, and the Thursday night juggernaut “Mary Tyler Moore Show” with Oprah Winfrey in the spotlight.  Maybe with Rupaul at the helm, Dick will finally skip right over that ottoman and into stardom.

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