Obama Planned Christian Concentration Camps

The truth is right in front of you

With all the talk about the internment camps for migrants, an important fact is being overlooked and unreported.

The camps were not built by President Trump. They were built by Obama. And he didn’t build them for migrants. He built them……for Christians.

Newly revealed documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Acr outline a plan of Obama’s administration that was 8 years in the making. It involved secretive construction of what are called “concentration camps”, as well as a description of who his planned residents were to be - just one societal group ……Christians. More specifically, American Christians.

The most fake Christian amongst us. Obama’s targets.

Following is an excerpt from the White House memo “A Case For Christian Internment” :

“This nation must get out from under the thumb of the Christ loving hordes. They are a menace. They hurt people. They stand in the way of progress. And they’re so judgey.”

The memo goes on to detail what was to be done with who Obama described as “the enemy” once interned :

“They will be housed. They will be fed. Their quarters will be sparse. Bare bones. Mattresses on floors, bunk beds when necessary by numbers. No television. No computers. They are never to have knowledge of the outside.

They will start being kind and realize this land isn’t just for Christians….or they’ll stay there.”

Obama wasn’t able to bring his plan about during his reign and so planned to hand it over to Hillary Clinton. Fortunately, Trump’s victory quashed the scheme.

With this information revealed, Obama’s prosecution is inevitable. Now we wait. Tick Tock Barack.

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