Barr Says Charges Coming From Obama-Isis Connection

The truth is right in front of you

Indictments would appear to be looming for Barack Obama or members of his inner circle that are related to the long held belief among patriots that the former president’s administration funnelled support in the form of money and arms to terrorist organization, ISIS.

That AG Gay Barr and the Justice Department had been investigating Obama’s activities while in office was well known, but it was thought that the focus was on Russia and other subjects brought up repeatedly by President Trump since impeachment investigations began, so to hear of charges related to ISIS come out surprised many. According to Barr, however, this was not entirely unexpected.

“We followed the money.

That’s how our probe began. There’s always a money trail. While we were looking at other areas initially, like his book deal and Russia, one particular trail showed cash going in other directions. Further examination led us to assume it had made its way to terrorist organizations, though under the guise of charities of the United Nations.

The UN deals directly with many of the troublesome Middle Eastern nations, so there is a definite connection.”

Democrats will say that Barr’s links are flimsy and without basis but to those in the know, the verdict is clear. Guilty.

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