Tomi Lahran Organizing ‘Hands Across America’ To Show Our Love To Trump

The truth is right in front of you

Toni Lauren, one of Fox News’ youngest up and coming darlings has a big heart and an outspoken wit. This girl just doesn’t quit, I tell you what.

Well, Tami has had a brilliant idea that should take this summer by storm! So, let’s get retro for a second.

Remember how the 1980s felt? Ronald Reagan as our fearless leader. Cabbage Patch Kids. The space program and all of its success — we even sent the first teacher to space during that decade — or tried to, at least. American exceptionalism was at its brightest moment. Part of that neon Americana was the “Hands Across America” campaign.

While Tori is far too young to remember it, the feeling of that moment was an overwhelming one.

The Whizzleteats family practices holding hands preparing for the big event in Rebuke, Nebraska.

With the rekindling of sending men to space and an America-First leader like Donald Trump, this is just what this country needs right this very second!

So, the young conservative is organizing a massive showing of Americans from every walk of life — well ok — maybe just white people who feel they shouldn’t social distance or wear masks, to gather together and form a human Covid chain across this great nation. Or, just the south and midwest. However long it can go, really.

In a statement provided to no press at all, because nothing is real anymore, Tina said:

“I just really want to organize something that makes President Trump, and everyone else, even the liberal losers, feel the togetherness and grace. Much like the grace given to us by our Lord.

What better time than during a global pandemic to put on such a showing?”

And she’s right. We all need this. We do.

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