North Korea Demands Justice After Hillary Clinton’s Attempt on Kim Jong-Un’s Life

The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, recently barely survived an assassination attempt that was directed by Hillary Clinton.  Former CIA operative and America’s Best Baker winner Sandy Batt infiltrated the medical team that was performing minor routine surgery and nearly turned it into a fatal instance of medical malpractice.

When the link between Batt and Clinton was established through enhanced interrogation techniques that led to Ms. Batt’s death, the Supreme Leader called Ambassador Dennis Rodman and demanded that Hillary Clinton be immediately brought to Pyongyang to stand trial by anti-aircraft gun for her crime.

Hillary Clinton has not forgotten or forgiven any transgression against her.   She is still bitter that she lost the legal popular vote and the electoral college in an unprecedented landslide.  It made her furious that President Trump has been the most successful President in the history of our country and that he would win the Noble Peace Prize once her secured everlasting peace with North Korea.

She attempted to bribe American security officials through a third party to allow some of her people access, but those officials were too loyal and didn’t listen.  Knowing that there was no way to get at our beloved President, she set her sights on the North Korean Supreme Leader.

Medical personnel were in short supply due to the fear of failure so Ms. Batt, who was armed with a phony Trump University diploma, had no problems integrating into the medical team.  Fortunately, Kim Jong-Un has always been the picture of perfect health and was able to overcome the attempt on his life.

Now is the time for all good Americans to demand the extradition of Hillary Clinton to North Korea.  Call your Congressman and tell them to do their part to ensure the execution of an American citizen by a foreign dictator!

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