AOC Wants Tax Set By Body Weight ‘Because Fatties Are A Burden On Society’

The truth is right in front of you

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has had some nutty ideas and they just seem to get more and more insane as time goes by. One thing about th em that remains consistent is their basis in socialism. All of her wacky ideas involve socialist intrusion or taxation.

Her latest desire is no different. AOC wants a new tax, or, rather, a change in how tax rates are decided. For this one, she has combined government money grabbing WITH intrusion by positing that individual tax rates should be based upon each individual’s body weight. Yes, that’s right. Cortez thinks if you are overweight you should pay more taxes than somebody who is slender.

Her proposal does not take into account individual income or legitimate reasons for tax breaks. The only thing that would influence tax brackets are levels of fitness or obesity. And she’s quite blunt about why this is:

“Who winds up costing this country more in the end? The overweight, that’s who. Overweight people push the limits of our medical system, they are less productive in the workforce, they take up more space on the bus, and they make sitting in economy on airplanes intolerable. These are but a few of the examples of the problems with the morbidly obese.

Skinny people like myself, on the other hand, are beautiful to look at productive, intelligent, and deserving of the best things in life. The world revolves around us.

But anyway, the larger Americans do drain our resources. They cost us more than they put in. Fatties are nothing more than a burden on society.”

Where does this lady get off thinking she can talk about the American people like that? THIS is deplorable. Obviously that title needs to be switched to the Democrats.

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