BLM Changing Name To ‘National Workers Association’ In Rebranding Effort

The truth is right in front of you

Black lives matter has come to be known for what they really are, and it’s not the simple protest against police brutality group that they claim. Most in America see criminals and those filled with simple disrespect for all authority. Anarchists. Fascists. Socialists.

It now seems that BLM wants to change that image and are launching a rebranding effort to do just that. Calling themselves the “National Workers Association,” they are attempting to portray themselves outwardly as hard-working, productive members of society. But internally, their message remains the same - “F**k The Po-lice.”

This can be seen in the testimonials from members. One - Mr Cube - had these harsh words to share:

“Police wrongly feel they have the authority to kill minorities. They mess with me because I’m a teenager, with a little bit of gold and a cellular phone.  Searching my car, looking for the product, thinking every black man is selling narcotics. It’s ridiculous. I will swarm on any gentleman in a blue uniform. F**k the po-lice.”

Michael Charles Ren has openly threatened officers that”sweat him,” saying “We’ll go at it punk, and I will certainly mess you up.”

And Edward Zachary Ernst was equally angry, stating:

“Without a badge and a gun, what do you have? A fellow in a uniform waiting to have violence committed upon him by me, or perhaps another black man.”

BLM can change their name but they will never erase that attitude.

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