Video Shows Guards Putting Epstein’s Body In the Cell Where They Would Later ‘Find’ Him

A new video has been released showing Jeffrey Epstein’s lifeless body being carried into a cell where guards would later claim they found him dead by his own hand. The video, which can’t be authenticated because it was taken on the illegal cell phone of a fellow inmate, has already been intercepted and wiped from the internet more than 5 times in the first hour. Luckily, new copies keep cropping up, and it looks like this time there may just be evidence against the Clintons.

This screenshot above shows the moment the body was placed in the cell. In case the video disappears, we’ve decided to continue hosting this picture — at great personal peril:

Here is the latest YouTube video. If the Clintons or the powers that be have found it, you’ll probably see some BS about “technical difficulties.” If that’s all you see…keep searching. The truth is out there.


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