Liberals At Disney Cut Tim Allen’s Character From ‘Toy Story 4’


It’s getting harder every day for a God-fearing conservative Christian in liberal-run Hollywood.  Just ask Tim Allen, who has been censored, blacklisted, and had his successful television show cancelled.  Twice.

Now Disney, the runaway giant that recently swallowed Fox like a male model in Mike Pence’s bathroom has deemed it necessary to eliminate Mr. Allen and his character ‘Buzz Lightyear’ from the Toy Story franchise altogether.  The latest outing, “Toy Story 4” has been edited and re-written at the last minute to explain that Buzz was “eaten by the family dog and pooped out into drainage ditch.”

The dolls from the Puppet master movies never had that problem.

Allen told the Hollywood Queefzette that he would receive absolutely no compensation for his work :

“The head of Pixar, Jenny Taylia called me and told me that Disney wanted me taken out of the movie because I support Donald Trump and talk a lot about Jesus and guns.  I mean, this is clearly discrimination.  Tom Hanks won’t even talk to me anymore.  He called me a ‘dick’ right to my face.  I’m probably gonna end up on Dancing With the Stars like, twerking with Victoria Jackson.  I should have just stuck with trafficking cocaine.”

“Officers, I swear, it’s just really really good foot powder that accidentally fell up my ass.”

The Allen-less Toy Story 4 premieres this weekend across the country and is expected to make more money in one day than Trump bilked from all of the students of his con-man “university.”

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