California Governor Newsom OK’s Compound Use On Students ‘To Increase Obedience’

The truth is right in front of you

In Commie California, things are different. They do things that would harm others and claim it’s “for the greater good of all.” Governor Moonbeam is gone and his replacement in Governor Newsom is much more sinister.

Newsom’s latest foray into socialism involves students in public schools. After complaints from school staff were heard about listless, uninterested students last June, the Governor has approved a recommendation from school board officials throughout the state to begin pumping dihydrogen monoxide into all institutions of learning in order to “increase alertness and decrease attention deficit.”

This is DHMO. It’s danger is clear.

The pumps and dispensing systems will be committed to standard areas in every location, typically washrooms and hallways. Pupils will wind up consuming the compound throughout the day as recommended by medical professionals on the state government payroll. Dihydrogen Monoxide will also be available to teachers in faculty lounges for “leisure use.”

This is socialism at its worst. The government is determined to create generations with a dependency to an elemental compound in order to ensure compliance throughout their lifespans. These future adults will suffer withdrawal without daily access to this mixture and access to it will be controlled by the state. This is how you create a population of mindless and devoted slaves who will never question or oppose government actions for fear of losing that which their bodies now crave. This is Communist California.

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