After Cheering For Trump, Alabama Routs LSU 89-11

The truth is right in front of you

When President Trump walked into the stadium at Alabama State, the place erupted with cheers and chants of “FOUR MORE YEARS!” The joy and support that the crowd showed for our Commander-In-Chief was enormous. Not a dissenting voice could be heard. This was patriotic Trump country.

Reports had surfaced prior to the game of students being threatened with expulsion if they were to boo the President but those were obviously fabrications from the Soros-Obama-Clinton Deep State Shadow Government whose raison d’être is destruction of America and collapsing of the federal government. These negative reports were immediately debunked through common sense alone.

Trump acted as a good luck charm for the home Alabama Crimson Tide who, riding on the high of a Presidential visit, obliterated the visiting LSU Tigers by a score of 196-35. That margin was the largest in NCAA history. These were basketball numbers seen on the gridiron. It was a monumental spectacle to see.

President Trump has not yet tweeted about these numbers and
the influence he had in achieving them, preferring to remain neutral as both teams were composed of good, American boys and preference should not be shown, so magnanimous is the man. But “The Trump Effect” should be noted. Alabama had been on an 31-game home winning streak prior to the President’s arrival and stay. His presence destroyed this mark with a staggering loss of 46-41 to a team that hadn’t beaten them since 2011. Trump’s impact was very apparent. He sucked the life out of them and ended a dynasty.

Let’s hear it for President Trump, a winner that extends winning to all he sees.

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