Wall Crossing Assistance Businesses Are Booming In Mexico

The truth is right in front of you

Former Mexican President and very vocal Trump hater, Vincente Fox, has launched a new business with two stated purposes -to “stick it” to President Trump and THE WALL and, of course, to make, as he put it, “a buttload of cash.”

Fox has opened up a “wall traversing” company called “Sending Mexico’s Best,” a jab at President Trump’s famous speech about “Mexico not sending their best to America.” The mission statement of the business reads as follows:

“We will endeavour - nay, SUCCEED - in sending thousands of hard working Mexicans….and Guatemalans….and Columbians….and whoever else wants to go, over THE WALL of Tiny Hands Trump and into the land of America.”

His company has constructed staircases that will allow immigrants to quickly and effortlessly “scale” THE WALL. They are easily moved either by taking them apart or simply rolling them along, as they are equipped with sturdy, lockable wheels, much like one would find on a scaffold.

Once at the top, slides such as one would use to exit an airplane in an emergency are inflated to allow the aliens to get down into the USA without so much as a scratch on them.

The inflatable slide which lands the migrants and mariachis safely. Donald Duck is not actually expected to be among them.

We reached out to Fox for an interview through which he could promote this idea, but he declined, instead sending to us SMB spokesperson, José Barrone:

“This idea is genius. Travellers can make their way over the border wall without even breaking a sweat. A few flights of stairs to go up and then ‘WHEEEEE!,’ they fall back down to earth on a bouncy castle slide. That was added for the kids. They’re going to love it.

President Fox is committed to screwing over Tiny Hands Trump every chance he gets. This project is merely the beginning.”

If this business proves to be a success, thousands of foreigners could once again flood our borders daily. It’s high time we put our foot down and took action.

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