Dove’s New Soap Mocks The President,Prompting Calls For Boycott

The truth is right in front of you

Dove Soap Incorporated has decided to take aim at President Trump with their new product line. “Tiny Hands Soap” is approximately 3″ x 2″ and features an image of our Commander-In-Chief on its packaging. It is a clear show of utter disrespect for our President and many people are angry about it.

This isn’t actually a Dove soap but it is a very real and awesome product I found in the trump hating state of Hawai,i

Special interest political action group, ‘Protectors Of Our President’, want America to boycott the brand, calling them “traitors to both the nation and to decency.” Spokesperson Joe Barron explained their stance:

“By attempting, however unsuccessfully, to undermine the President’s strength by diminishing his manhood, Dove is effectively weakening the USA in the eyes of its enemies. Continued, unconditional, and unanimous support for our leader in government is essential in order to maintain the fear and respect that we command throughout the world. Portraying him as anything less than a python opens America up to mockery. Mockery makes us vulnerable to defeat. And any actions that would encourage our enemies to abuse us are tantamount to treason.

We are asking that Dove remove this product line from their offerings voluntarily, but, should they not comply, we would ask the good citizens of America to force them to through a sustained boycott. Not like the boycotts that our fellow Trump supporters have announced in the past, but a real one. With actual follow-through.”

We here at TGT agree. This type of seditious behavior should not be accepted. America must say no.

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