Trump Donating Next Paycheck To Homeless Veterans;’They Deserve It’

The truth is right in front of you

President Trump works tirelessly night and day for the American people and he does so for absolutely no pay, donating each and every pay check he receives to support causes that help this country. He does so humbly, without making a big show of it because, as he puts it, “These causes aren’t about me. They’re just about doing good.”

His next donation may be for the most worthy cause yet, and one that is close to his heart. Homeless veterans will soon benefit from President Trump’s generosity as he does his part to put roofs over their heads with this sizeable donation.

Satya Martin, acting head of charity,”Save Our Superheroes,” praised Trump’s act of selflessness:

“Homelessness amongst veterans has been growing the last few years. Obama did nothing to help these poor souls so we are thrilled to see President Trump take action. His donation will do something for a handful of them.

The President spoke at length to me about how important this is to him. He wants the money to spread around liberally to those on the streets but he did instruct us not to avoid feeling we must help everyone, “just the ones who deserve it,” as he said.”

Asked to expand on this stipulation, Trump was succinct, saying,”No crazies. PSDT or whatever. We don’t want them.”

Once again, President Trump shows why he was America’s choice and why that choice was the right one.

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