Mueller: ‘My Report Left No Doubt. Obama Is Guilty.’

The truth is right in front of you

The congressional testimony of Robert Mueller began with a bang today, with the former special investigator demanding to know why, the face of the evidence he presented, President Obama had not yet been arrested and charged with high treason.

Almost from the get-go, after presidential character assassin, Rashida Tlaib, began to ask her inflammatory questions, Mueller went on the attack against his Democrat inquisitors:

“Did any of you even read my report? It was quite thorough, you know. I investigated for what seemed like a century. With the size of the volume I presented to you at its conclusion, you’d think I was recounting the history of the world, for god’s sake. My point is, it was detailed. There was little room left in it for doubt.

Obama was dissatisfied with pranking as a means of revenge so he took the next logical step …..treason.

President Trump is not your man. There was Russian collusion, of that there is no doubt. Russia sought to undermine our democracy but they weren’t spreading lies. There was no misinformation. They told the truth - the truth that Obama approved.

Obama hated Hillary Clinton. She talked crap about him in the primaries prior to his first term election and he never forgot it. He’s a petty man who hold grudges and orchestrating her defeat was how he got his satisfaction.”

Muekjwe described in detail how Obama used his presidential office to escape FBI detection in his communications with the Russians, calling his meetings “diplomatic” meetings and such. He abyses his power right to the end.

Following these words, Tlaib was flummoxed. She went into a rage, flipping tables, throwing chairs, and screaming obscenities, turning into She-Hulk. This is the democrat way - unable to accept reality and throwing tantrums to avoid it.


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