Omar & Tlaib Want To Open A ‘Ghoj Academy’ At Ground Zero

The truth is right in front of you

After 9/11, we said we’d never forget. We would never forget who piloted those planes into the twin towers. We would never forget the ideology behind their murderous intentions. We would never forget. We promised. So why are Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib about to be allowed to desecrate the hallowed Ground Zero?

The two Democrats have petitioned to the City of New York to open a ‘Ghoj Academy’ at the site where the towers once stood, and the City has indicated that they “will likely allow the plan to proceed, citing a need for more such structures in the city.”

Rashida Tlaib explained their intentions:

“Ilhan and I  both love TNG and DS9.So we added the language of Kahless as kind of a joke. But it will be a legitimate, public institution and will be funded by the state once built. The construction itself will be financed with privately donated funds, saving taxpayers millions in building costs.

Will this revered text be part of the curriculum?

No, the working name doesn’t have to stay. They can name it whatever they want. Something about the location would probably be appropriate. And no, they won’t be teaching about the life and customs of Q’onoS. Well, they can if the state wants them to. That’s up to them.”

Being the Liberal state of New York, they probably will, despite the immoral and treasonous message it sends.

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