President Trump Fires Inspector General Horowitz for Incompetence

Inspector General Mitch Horowitz was fired this afternoon, according to sources close to the DOJ, for not providing the report he was ordered to gather to support the President’s case that the Democrats started the Russia scandal for political purposes.

White House Director of Information and Propaganda, Gerard DeTater, told our reporter in the field that the official reason was incompetence:

“This was supposed to be an open and shut case, not some ‘fact-finding’ mission that included outing the President’s daughter as being personally involved with Chritopher Steele. Horowitz botched this thing from beginning to end, and now he’ll never work in law enforcement again.”

The official statement from the White House thanked Horowitz for his service, but scolded his insubordination:

“This guy must have been working with Comey and Mueller and the rest of the Democrats in a plot to overthrow the President with the facts of the case rather than providing the information the President and the public so desperately needed to make this witch hunt go away.

“Horowitz has been relieved of his duties and an investigation into his actions has been launched by Attorney general Barr.”

Once the investigation into the investigation is complete, we will finally get the outcome we’ve all been waiting for: the complete exoneration of the President.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are currently crying to anyone who will listen, calling the development “politically motivated.” How they came to that conclusion is anyone’s guess.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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